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Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and Bullhorn Reach are pure technology — they are software.

Ninjob is a people-driven employment marketing agency. We use tools and resources on your behalf, and provide you with a web-based management interface to maximize your interactions with us. In short, we are not software; we are people.

An easy way to see the difference between us and ZipRecruiter is our Indeed presence — our ads are a constant presence on Indeed, whereas ZipRecruiter is almost non-existent. This is because ZipRecruiter is software that competes directly with Indeed, whereas we are an employment marketing agency. We use Indeed as a resource, rather than compete with them.

We distribute your advertisement to a network of job boards. Each job board in the network has its own rules for publishing, so we do our absolute best to ensure your job meets the criteria of the maximum number of boards.

To get an insight into the power of this advertising network, take note that Indeed (a job site where we publish) is among the most-visited job boards in the world. (See the Alexa ranking of job boards.)

Here is a partial list of the sites in our advertising network:

You have complete control over the content of your advertisement. You are able to include links to special web addresses. You are able to include email addresses. You can have candidates mail in their resumes, if that’s your thing.

We also have an ‘Apply’ feature on all jobs that we post. You define what happens when jobseekers click the ‘Apply’ button.

If you want resumes to be sent to you by email, we receive the resumes from the ‘Apply’ feature, filter them for duplicates and relevance, and then forward them to whatever email address you specify. If you prefer, we can pass along ALL resumes received, without filtering them first.

If you want candidates to submit their applications directly on your website, you simply tell us the URL. When a candidate clicks the ‘Apply’ button on the job ad, they will be directed to whatever URL you specify.

At this time, we don’t allow clients to search through our resumes. The candidates who apply to your position are sent directly to you. If you ask us to source resumes for you, the sourced resumes are also delivered to your email box.

That said, we are exploring resume search functionality as a new service we may offer, given sufficient interest.

Absolutely NOT. The candidates who apply belong to our clients, not to us.

We do plan to release a feature for candidates that will allow them to store resumes with us, making it easier for them to apply to your positions with a single click. This feature will be OPTIONAL for candidates.

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Ninjob is an employment marketing service. We are a service of Ninjology, LLC, which is a marketing agency.

We advertise jobs for our clients. This means an outside party has asked us to help them recruit. These outside parties may be companies, organizations, schools, individuals, etc.

Ninjob is a service of Ninjology, LLC. When Ninjology is seeking new employees, we post our available openings on the Ninjology website.
To apply, click the blue “Apply” button that you see on the job advertisement. When you click the “Apply” button, one of two application methods will pop onto your screen:

If you see an application form, the employer has asked us to forward resumes to them by email. Just complete the simple form, attach your resume, and click the “Submit” button.
If you see a URL, the employer has asked us to direct all applicants to their website. Please click the link you see, and finish your application on their site.

Our clients will contact you directly, in the event that they want to proceed with your application. Our main function is to facilitate the introduction between jobseekers and clients; once the introduction is made, we step back from the equation.
Ninjob isn’t involved in the hiring decision in any way. We locate candidates through a number of avenues, and then leave it up to our clients how to proceed. We don’t know any special information about our clients’ positions beyond what is visible in the published advertisements.
We recommend you contact the employer or recruiter directly. If one of our clients hasn’t included sufficient information in their advertisement to determine who they are, it’s because that client is seeking confidentiality for that particular campaign.

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Ninjob campaigns encompass advertising and prospect lead research. We have three different packages, Quick Fill, Buzz Builder, and Direct Prospect Leads, all of which have slightly different terms of service.
Quick Fill is designed for employers and recruiters who have a single one-time non-recurring need. An example might be that a team member has resigned for a company, leaving a one-time vacancy.

In Quick Fill campaigns, our clients specify a job advertisement describing the vacancy, and we market the advertisement by distributing it as widely as possible. To see more details about our distribution network, please see the response to “Where does Ninjob advertise?” in the “Quick Answers to Common Questions” section at the top of this FAQ.

Clients can edit their edits, delete their ads, and mark their ads as “filled”. When the ad period concludes, clients have the option to relist the ad.

Buzz Builder is the same as Quick Fill (see “What is Quick Fill” above), but with one very significant difference — Buzz Builder clients have unlimited advertising for a year.

By removing the limit on advertisements, Buzz Builder clients can try variations on their ads, perfecting the ad that gets the best results. See “What is A-B Results Testing” below.

The Buzz Builder package is designed for clients who have frequent hiring needs. It’s intended to be a default part of our clients’ recruiting methods.

A-B Results Testing is just another way to say, “which works better, A or B?” Though A-B Results Testing is possible with all of Ninjob’s packages, it’s easiest to do with the Buzz Builder package.

Buzz Builder clients can create variations on their ads, and then post both ads simultaneously. They can analyze the number and quality of resumes produced by each ad variation. Whichever ad produced the optimal result becomes the default ad going forward.

All legitimate employment opportunities are typically acceptable, though we DO reserve the right to refuse any position at any time for any reason. It doesn’t happen often, but if we feel your particular position isn’t a good match for our service, we’ll immediately refund any purchase you’ve made.

We generally reject positions that don’t seem to qualify as “employment opportunities”; this include positions that require a monetary investment from jobseekers. We also reject positions that promote hate and discrimination.

A critical component of many recruiting campaigns is the pro-active identification of candidates who meet your criteria, but have NOT applied to your job ad.

Direct Prospect Leads is a campaign to locate these candidates. This type of recruiting assistance is called “sourcing”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sourcing_(personnel)

Sourcing covers a broad range of activities. Direct Prospect Leads is a baseline sourcing effort, meaning we cover your candidate baseline by searching candidate databases and the Internet.

The candidates uncovered in a Direct Prospect Leads campaign are all available in a public format, such as Monster’s resume database, or LinkedIn, or via the use of Boolean on Google.

Direct Prospect Leads campaigns last for one business week.

You will receive your first batch of resumes within one business day. We will send you all the resumes we find that match your criteria. This number varies, but is typically 5-30 resumes for most searches.

After looking over the resumes, we encourage your feedback. If you have suggestions for improving the results, we run a new search based on your criteria changes. The new search delivers whatever new resumes are discovered within one business day after receiving your feedback.

We perform a revised search within one business day after receiving your feedback. We continue this back-and-forth interaction until the week is over, and the campaign concludes.

No. There is no fee to hire any candidate we find for you. The leads are yours.
The resumes we find are as accurate as we can verify. We typically set the “freshness” date to locate only resumes from the last month, unless requested otherwise.

That said, resume databases have different and varying rules for “freshness” — some count a resume as “new” when a candidate logs into their system, some count a resume as “new” each time the resume is updated, some count a resume as “new” each time a resume is created, etc. These criteria are not consistent from database to database, nor consistent in any one database over time.

Whenever possible, we attempt to qualify the accuracy of resumes by locating the resume on at least two sources, using the data from each to augment the resume-pair.

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Go to https://ninjob.com/start-a-campaign/ . The navigation to this page is on the upper right of the browser window.
Complete the form you see there.
Preview the advertisement. Make edits if required.
Select a campaign type.
If you are a Buzz Builder client, you’re done. If not, process your payment for the campaign.

Your new advertisement is now in the queue. Once we make sure it meets our criteria, and analyze the content for typos and anything that might stop it from broad distribution, we submit your ad to the advertising network.

You actually AREN’T paying us for an advertisement. You’re paying for our efforts to help you create, optimize, and distribute your advertisement.

Ninjob isn’t a job board or ad distribution software. We use job boards, ad distribution software, and many other resources to do work for our clients.

We are the employment marketing service of a digital marketing agency.

Your existing ads are available to edit on your My Campaigns page. The navigation link is in the My Account dropdown in the upper right of your browser. https://ninjob.com/my-campaigns/
The best advertisements usually follow the Goldilocks Rule: not too much content, not too little content… just the RIGHT amount of content.

Be clear. Be concise. Be complete.

For instance, don’t leave out vital details, but don’t include too much detail.


If you’re looking for a sales person who makes sales calls from leads the company already owns, and who has a low base salary with a high uncapped commission:

Too Little
We need to hire an excellent salesperson.

Too Much
We need to find an excellent salesperson who is willing to work hard and put in the time required to be successful. This position has a low base salary, but makes up for it by removing any cap on commissions.

Just Right
Do you enjoy sales and the payoff of an uncapped commission structure? We provide a base salary and all the leads you need to be successful. Join us!

We only work with clients who recruit without regard for ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other discriminatory criteria. The distribution network also includes job boards devoted to diversity hiring.
There are three ways for your ads to be de-published from the network.

Ads expire after 4 weeks (28 days) automatically.
You can delete your jobs from your My Campaigns page
You can mark your jobs as “filled” from you My Campaigns page


You are free to include whatever content you’d like in your advertisement. You can include an email address, a mailing address, a fax number, a URL, etc, for processing applicants.

That said, advertising best practices suggest you do NOT place your email address on your published advertisement. This helps enhance your security and prevents spam.

We have two built-in methods for you to receive applicants.

You can give us your email address. We will place a secure form on your ad that doesn’t display your email address, and we will forward resumes to you.
You can give us a URL for applicants; for instance, your Taleo URL, etc.

Jobseekers access both of these features by clicking the “Apply” button on the specific advertisement page.

You are free to include whatever content makes sense in the body of your advertisement.

We also explicitly support:


Company Description is the place for permanent information that is constant for all of your advertisements. In addition to a written description of your company, you may want to include a link to your Careers page, as well as links to your various social networks pages.
The Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter fields require your username. Usernames have no spaces or punctuation. Most problems we’ve seen so far with these fields are solved by removing spaces and punctuation.

The LinkedIn field is for your COMPANY LinkedIn profile, NOT your personal profile. If you want to include your personal LinkedIn profile, the easiest way is to copy-and-paste the URL from LinkedIn into the Company Description field, along with a short description of yourself.

We don’t create links automatically for security reasons. Many times when linked text is copied and pasted from other sources, it contains security risks within the link. We solve this issue by requiring you to create the links yourself.
Type the text you want to appear on the page. Highlight the text you just typed. Click the :link: icon in the editor toolbar. Enter the URL in the proper field and click “Add Link”
We do NOT recommend you place an email link in your advertisement content. However, if you really want to, and know how to use the :link: feature of the editor to create a mailto link, we won’t stop you.
Microsoft Word doesn’t translate directly into an HTML format. If you first save your Word doc as HTML, then copy-paste it, it should render properly.
Candidates apply using their own original application materials, most often an attached resume. We pass the original resumes along to the email address you defined when you submitted your job.

You have complete access to all the contact information candidates choose to include on their resumes.

When an ad is expired, a “relist” link appears beneath the ad title in the My Campaigns page. Click that link, and you’ll be able to post the job ad again.


We’ve done our best to accommodate broad location criteria, also taking into consideration the realities of distributing your ad.

Our answer to “can I post a broad location ad?” is “yes and no”.

When you complete the job form, the “Location Description” can be anything you’d like. For instance:

New York, NY
Central California
Southwest USA
The Dark Side of the Moon

The “Location Description” field is what jobseekers will see when they view your ad.

The field BELOW that, the “Target Zip Code” field MUST be a zip code. This field is required by every job board in the network. Without a value entered in this field, you job will NOT be accepted by the job boards.

That said, jobseekers typically do NOT see the value for the Target Zip Code field. Nearly every job board simply uses the data to determine when to show the ad, based on the jobseekers’ search.

If you are advertising a job for a broad location, we recommend you choose a zip code from the largest metro in the region. The exact zip code used is irrelevant, as long as it’s in the metro.

For overseas positions, choose the zip code of the people most likely to be interested in your position. For instance, if your position is in Quebec, you may want to use a zip code in Buffalo, NY.

Click the ⚡ square to the left of your screen. Click the map that folds out, and enter your search data on the page that loads. Copy and paste the zip code from the search results into your job form.
That is primarily for jobseekers who are viewing our ads, so that they understand Ninjob’s role in the recruiting process.

It also serves as a constant link to this FAQ.

To use the ? square for FAQ, click the square to unfold it, then click the bottom toggle to show the “Learn More” button. That button launches the FAQ in a separate tab.

Yes and no.

Yes, the data you enter in the form is stored in the cache. This means that if you leave and return, the data you previously entered will still be there.

No, we don’t yet have a “save this job” feature. So only the data currently populating the form is stored.

Yes and no.

Yes, you can right-click the link to the job in your My Campaigns page, open the existing job in a new tab, and copy-and-paste whatever data you’d like from it.

No, we don’t yet have a feature to copy an entire job with a single click.

We do our best to remove obvious mismatches. This is to save your time, allowing you to focus on applicants who meet your job criteria.

Our filter is a “soft filter” that only looks for obvious things. For instance, if your job ad is for a “VP of Sales”, and the applicant is in high school working as a cashier, we won’t pass that resume to you.

The filtering is done by our staff, not by software. We visually scan all resumes before sending them to you.

The job title is the first thing a jobseeker sees. It also the most relevant content searched by search engines.

As such, your job title needs to accomplish two separate things:

Contain words that jobseekers are likely to enter into search engines
Be specific enough that search engines know when to display your job

To find a job you submitted, go to My Campaigns https://ninjob.com/my-campaigns/
Make the job feel more “real”.

List a very explicit location for the position. Put your company address directly into the job ad content. Put links to other places on the web where jobseekers can learn more about your company, your position, your industry.

Keep the ad itself concise and to-the-point. Use details and offlinks to build out your story.

Search engines look for keywords in context.

A good shortcut is to put a word cloud at the end of your ad, including all the terms you expect a jobseeker to search for.

A far better method is to create that same list of words, and include them in relevant context in the ad itself. This will get a higher SEO score than the word cloud approach.

There are three basic steps to maintaining search confidentiality:

Write a generic name for your “Company” field. Use the word “Confidential”, or the term “My Confidential Client”, for example.
Make sure your ad content doesn’t contain any explicit detail that reveals identity. For example, if your client is looking for a product manager, don’t mention the name of the actual product itself, as a jobseeker might use that the name of the product to uncover the name of the client.
Use a location region, rather than a specific location. For instance, if your client is in Boston, MA, write “New England” into the Location Description field.

Yes and no.

Yes, you can edit everything about your ad, including the title, the location, the description, everything.

No, the new ad will not be given a new publish date or a new URL. So a complete edit swap will most likely just confuse jobseekers — as they search Indeed, for instance, they’ll see the snippet from the first job ad, click the link, and land on the NEW job ad. It will feel very unnatural to them, as if they are looking at the “wrong” ad.

A far better approach is to create a new ad. If you are a Buzz Builder client, you can create new job ads at no additional cost.

While you DO have the ability to remove the code (you can simply remove it by editing the job ad), we STRONGLY recommend you leave it there.

The code helps our staff and systems identify your job properly, so that we perform our responsibilities to you as our client properly.
The code is the most straight-forward way to maintain consistency across a broad range of systems. That said, we agree — the code is ugly. We are striving to find a reliable way to remove it. In the meantime, though, PLEASE leave the code in your title.

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Start by clicking the “forgot password” link underneath the login form. Enter your email address and proceed from there. If that fails for any reason, feel free to contact us.
A lot of times this is caused by issues with your cache or your cookies that are stored in your browser. Try clearing your browser cache, and then doing whatever action you were attempting again.
There’s a good possibility this has to do with the browser you’re using. For example, older versions of Internet Explorer are no longer compatible with today’s web standards.

Try accessing the site through any version of Google Chrome https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/ , Firefox https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/ , or Safari (Apple’s browser, used in Apple computers, iPhones, and iPads).

Our site is optimized for the future of the web, while also doing our best to support older technologies.

All versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera will work. The latest version of Internet Explorer will work. Versions of Internet Explorer that are 3+ years old may have difficulty rendering the site properly.

All of your account information is stored on the My Account page, with the navigation link in the upper right of your browser.

If you want to update your name, email address, password, or other account-specific details, there is a link at the top of the My Account page for this purpose. https://ninjob.com/my-account/edit-account/

For example, you are an employee at Acme Widget company. You set up a Ninjob account for Acme Widget, and paid for the account with your corporate credit card. Now you are resigning from Acme Widget.

You need to turn your company-paid-for account over to the employee taking over your responsibilities.

The easiest solution in this situation is simply to edit your name, email address, and password. Usernames are NOT editable, but you can use your email address to login. Changing the password prevents anyone but the current account user from logging in, even if they know the username.

Make the changes here: https://ninjob.com/my-account/edit-account/

If the other user is in your company, the easiest way is simply to share your account. We don’t recommend sharing login info, but you can always obtain job details from the other party, then submit the advertisement on their behalf.

If the other user is NOT in your company, they need to create a separate account. Refer them to Ninjob.com to get set up.

Make sure you tell us about the referral. We’ll reward you with a $300 coupon for your loyalty.

Also, see the Buzz.Ninjob.com toggle at the bottom of this FAQ for details about getting a price break for your friend.

If you want the account taken offline, tell us and we’ll remove it.

If you just want to keep a certain person from using the account, the easiest way is to change the password. You can change the password at My Account, by clicking on the link at the top of the page content. https://ninjob.com/my-account/edit-account/

Some older email clients unintentionally break links, especially long links, by displaying emails in plain text. If they URL breaks into two or more lines, it can affect the user’s ability to click the link.

In this case, just copy and paste the full link into your browser bar. The page should display properly.

You can access your billing address on your My Account page, and the bottom of the content, by locating the Billing Address heading and clicking the “Edit” link.


The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Program (OFCCP) is the governmental regulation that ensures that any company who wishes to do business with the federal government:

Does not discriminate against applicants or employees

Takes affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and employees are treated fairly during employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Reporting Requirements

Federal contractors must compile and submit a so-called “EEO-1” report each year. The EEO-1 reports on the demographics of the employer’s workforce by race/ethnicity and job title/level to help ensure that it is meeting affirmative action and non-discrimination requirements.

Recordkeeping Requirements

As part of their affirmative action plan, Federal contractors are required to maintain a number of records about their workforce including record of hires, promotions, transfers and terminations, as well a compensation information. Other information that should be retained includes:

Job descriptions
Job postings and advertisements
Records of job offers
Applications and resumes
Interview notes
Tests and test results
Written employment policies and procedures
Personnel files

Specific recordkeeping requirements apply under each of the laws the OFCCP enforces; employers should be familiar with them all. These records will eventually be used to create an EEO-1 report and must also be available in the case of a compliance audit.

Affirmative Action Requirements

Federal contractors must create and maintain an affirmative action plan. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about affirmative action plans can help employers determine if their plan is in compliance with the law, and the Sample can assist employers in development their own AAP.

Other Requirements

The OFCCP requires that all federal contractors who accept job applications electronically make their on-line process accessible to individuals with disabilities. The OFCCP has created materials to educate contractors about their responsibilities towards applicants with disabilities.

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We grow our business through referrals.

To encourage and reward word-of-mouth among our clients, we launched Buzz.Ninjob.com. Buzz.Ninjob.com always displays our best pricing of the moment. This provides an easy way for our clients to tell others about Ninjob, creating a simple and straight-forward loyalty program for clients to receive substantial discounts for themselves and their friends.

The public prices offered directly on our main website already offer an extremely positive ROI. Our public prices are consistent with the market. They are an excellent value. But on most days, our clients can visit Buzz.Ninjob.com and discover significant savings over our public prices. =)